Future Scenarios

Interactive exhibition design.

In collaboration with Studio Collector.

What if the sea levels rise to an extent that we have to live under water? What if our GP is replaced by a robot? How can we protect our online privacy? Nine young designers of the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts class of 2017 show their answers to question of the future in Future Scenarios.

Future Scenarios exists of one voice over video, and composition of interactive lights and nine screens on the sides of the room, each exhibiting one designer and his/her story and designs. The wall sized projected voice over video guide the vistors through the nine designers, showing minimalistic shots of the designs and telling the stories. When a designer is highlighted in the video his or her corresponding light will illuminate and guide the spectator to the screen exhibiting the designer. The lights and screens of the designers are tied together with the titles of the works and quotes of the designers applied on the floor.