Sprockler reports

Design and coding of an interactive reports for Sprockler.

Collaboration with Robin Jaspers.

Sprockler is a philosophy and methodology, fueled by an innovative software tool. Sprockler's tool allows them to collect experiences of large groups of people, and apply statistics in a user-friendly manner to building evidence on trends. These statistics are bundled in interactive reports.

In 2015 we started designing a template and building these reports for clients like Oxfam Novib, Caritas, Gemeente Amsterdam, Free Press Unlimited and Human Security Collective. Over the years we made some improvements and updated the design.

The most recent report published publicly is the study of Positive Impact of Hotel con Corazón’s educational programmes in Nicaragua. Foundation Hotel con Corazón is a social enterprise in Granada in Nicaragua. It is a hotel that invests 100% of its profits in local education. After eight years of working in the community, the foundation wanted to take a closer look at the impact of their educational activities. They decided to conduct an impact study, to gain a better understanding of how students and other stakeholders are experiencing their programmes and how this may be changing their lives and the community at large.


One of the earlier reports we made is Citizens First for Oxfam Novib. Citizens First is a project managed by Oxfam Novib and funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The project aims to contribute to human security and good governance. It empowers civilians and civil society to use evidence-based advocacy for constructive engagement with the government. The project takes place in Afghanistan and Pakistan and closes late 2016, after a four year period. We have collected stories from project stakeholders about requests they made to the government in Afghanistan and Pakistan and how these stakeholders feel about the government’s response.