Sustainable compass

Compass designed so it can be used in the year 5000.

3000 years is a long time from now. Is it possible to give the people from the year 5000 a tool which we use today and still have it working? Conditions change, circumstances change, and so must our tools.

The magnetic poles of the earth are shifting. NASA states that the magnetic north is changing position more and more rapidly and some estimate that the magnetic poles will be flipped in about 2000 years. A compass designed the way we know it will be useless by then, pointing to the south while we are actually facing north.

This sustainable compass is designed in such a way that it can be used no matter where the magnetic poles are, using the sun for calibration. The compass comes in a flat package that contains everything you need. Follow the instructions to fold the paper into a box that catches the light of the sun moving from east to west. The bottom of the box is covered with chemicals also used for cyanotype and in the top of the box is a tiny hole where the sun shines through. After leaving the box in the sun for about an hour, unfold the box (while holding it in its place!) and rinse with water. The water will fixate the cyanotype chemicals; where the sun has been the chemicals will leave a line pointing from west to east. You can now put the one half of the paper over the other one, making sure the directions of the top half are alined with the west-east line on the bottom half (which you still have to keep in its original place!), and use it as a compass. Just apply the needle and mark which direction it points to. Whenever you want to tell directions, make sure the needle points to the marker. You can now read the compass.