Compressed Emotions

Compass and medallion set to express emotions for people who have lost control their facial expressions.

Media theorist and writer Douglas Rushkoff spoke in an episode of Tegenlicht of how facial expressions have a lot of influence on the meaning of a message in conversation. Without facial expressions it is almost impossible to pick up on the right signals and intention when talking to someone in person. It must be difficult for people who have lost control of their facial expressions due to muscular disease or other disadvangtages. Would it be possible for these people share their intentions and emotions within a message?

This compass and medallion set is designed to give facial expression for those who can not move their facial muscles, but uses their heart rate in stead. When you are excited about something, your heart rate will go up. When you anticipate on something negative, your heart rate will go down. This means that by measuring a personís heart rate, you will be able to tell they are giving of a positive or negative signal

The compass and medallion are a replacement of facial expressions by visualising the heart rate with colours: red for high heart rate and blue for a low heart rate. The medallion can be worn to show your heart rate while speaking, but you can also decide not to reveal your emotions to others by closing the medallion. If you want your loved ones to be able to read your facial expressions and emotions at all times, you can give them the compass. The compass enables them to see how you feel when no one else can, just like you could probably tell how your loved one feels when no one else can.