Sweet Secrets

Secret message system using laser cut sugar cubes containing pigment.

Is it possible to communicate with each other in secret while sitting at a crowded table? How can you ‘talk’ to the person sitting across from you without every one else hearing you?

By using laser cut sugar cubes with green or red pigment on the inside, it is possible to send a positive or negative signal. This could be a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ to a question you would rather not answer in public. Or maybe you want to turn your tea red to show your date that you are not really into him or her.

These sugar cubes have been designed for secret communication in these types of situations. Just hand your best friend or date a sugar cube from the plate and they will see how their tea will turn red or green instantly. The colours do not leave any trace, so once you have finished your tea, all evidence of the secret message is gone.