Time Capsule

Time capsule designed for a speculative future where food is genetically modified.

What will the world look like in 100 years? If we hand our legacy over to the people of 2113, what do we want it to look like?

Chances are that in 100 years all human food will be genetically manipulated and modified. To provide food for everybody on earth we need harvests crops that will survive all weather conditions.

What if there are unforeseen consequences? There will come a time when people want to go back to natural food that hasnít been tampered with and when that time arrives, this time capsule holds the answers. People can grow their own food with the seeds in the time capsule and have a diverse diet with the necessary nutrition. It even contains grass seeds so the people of 2113 can have a cow or pig for meat and other purposes. The layout of the capsule is also a plan for landscaping your garden. Each division has its own instructions on how to plant and multiply the seeds. The capsule itself can be used as a greenhouse for keeping seeds that are sensitive to wind and certain temperatures.